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Arrow's Elf rider is a minor character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie.

He only appears at The Junior Reindeer Games where he takes part in The Sleigh Race and serves as the rider of the number 1 sleigh Arrow is pulling. Determined to get noticed by Santa Claus and be made a Flyer, Arrow swings his sleigh into the sleigh being pulled by the number 6 reindeer, causing it's elf rider to be taken away in a stretcher.

The elf rider and Arrow are soon neck-neck with Arrow's cousin and the number 5 reindeer Rudolph and his rider Doggle. Arrow attempts to once again use his sleigh to knock Rudolph and Doggle off course, but ends up knock the number 8 reindeer and elf instead.

Arrow makes the mistake of taunting Rudolph about his feelings for Arrow's doefriend Zoey which causes Rudolph's nose to light up and temporary blind Arrow, causing him and his elf rider to crash. Moments later, several of the other reindeer and their riders crash into them.

Arrow's elf rider is not seen with Arrow when he is made winner by default after Rudolph's disqualification, though judging on what happened in the crash, it is possible that like the elf rider of the number 6 reindeer, he was taken to hospital.


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