Mrs Claus





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Santa Claus (husband)


her husband Santa, Rudolph, Flyers, Zoey, Mitzi, Slyly, Leonard, Elves, Stormella, Ridley


Stormella (formerly), Ridley (formerly)

Voiced By

Debbie Reynolds

Mrs Claus is a supporting character in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Movie, a minor character in it's sequel book Rudolph Saves The Sprites and is the wife of Santa Claus.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The MovieEdit

Mrs. Claus first seen with her husband noticing the Sprites of the Northern Lights flying past and wonders what the occasion is (the occasion is Rudolph's birth).

She is later seen after Stormella arrive demanding that Santa hands Boone and Doggle over for accidentally destroying her ice garden to which he refuses.

She is briefly seen a year later at The Christmas Eve Launch asking Santa to put on his seat belt before he takes off to deliver presents.

Mrs. Claus is then seen years later watching The Junior Reindeer Games with Santa and is disappointed at the decision for Rudolph to be disqualified after his nose light up unintentionally causes Arrow to crash into the other racers.

She appears at the end of the film after Rudolph helps the Flyers through Stormella's storm.

Rudolph Saves The SpritesEdit

Mrs. Claus appears briefly at the start of the book (which takes place after the film) attending Santa's Winter Celebrations.



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