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Mrs. Prancer





Eye Colour


Fur Colour

Brown and Cream


Prancer (husband)


Flyers, Rudolph, Zoey, Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, Stormella, Ridley, Schoolroom Buck, Schoolroom Doe


Stormella (formally), Ridley (formally)

Voiced By

Debbie Reynolds

Mrs Prancer is a character in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Movie and the wife of Prancer. She also teached Rudolph, Zoey and Arrow when they were younger.

Mrs Prancer is seen teaching her class about Santa and getting to join his team of reindeer and also talks about The Junior Reindeer Games and asks for an answers about it to which Zoey says in the games Santa sometimes picks the winner to join his team which is the correct answer. She also talks about Medals of Valor and asks what they stand for to which Rudolph says Courage, Character and a Heart that's true. Mrs. Prancer says it's the correct answer but asks him to raise his hoof next time. When Rudolph expresses his wish to become a Flyer his cousin Arrow and the other students start laughing at him, only Mrs Prancer (along with Zoey) doesn't and tries to silence the class and calls from Rudolph to come back after he leaves the school.

She is later seen along with the rest of the villagers watching Santa and the Flyers take off on Christmas Eve.

She is last seen along with the Elf Referee watching Rudolph along with Santa and the rest of the Flyers return from delivering gifts to the children of the world.


Mrs. Prancer has brown and cream fur with black tipped ears, brown eyes and wears glasses.


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