Paul Soles (born 11 August, 1930) is a Canadian voice actor who voices Hermey in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He is a grandfather of 4 grandchildren, Steve who is 13, Timmy who is 11, Sophia who is 4 and Tori who is 2. He had 4 children and only 2 children in law, Alan who is 57, George who is 54, Stephanie who is 52 and Mary who is 50, his children in laws are Cameron who is 49 and Kristy who is 42. In 1949, He married Lucy Soles who is not in the cast. Deseased is a daughter Opal Marie Soles in 1987, a son Tyler James Soles in 1993, a daughter in law Sarah Lynn Soles in 2003 and a son in law Nicholas John Soles in 2010.

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