Reindeer Children





Eye Colour


Fur Colour

Beige and White




Rudolph (formally)

The Reindeer Children are the antagonists of the 1944 animated short film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

They appear at the start of the film on Christmas Eve, having a fun time doing things such as ice skating and decorating a Christmas Tree. However, one of the reindeer notices a red object sticking out of the tree and curiously tickles it with a leaf. Out of the tree falls Rudolph and the red object is revealed to be his nose. The other reindeer children start to tease Rudolph until his mother calls for him to which the other reindeer say "go home Red Nose" which he sadly does.

They are not seen again but it is possible they are among the reindeer who witness Santa Claus make Rudolph the leader of The Sleigh Team and finally accept him.



  • Judging by their behaviour, it is presumed that the reindeer children are the inspirations for Fireball and Arrow as they at first tease Rudolph because of his nose but are later nice to him after he saves Christmas. Though in Fireball's case, he was at first Rudolph's friend before finding out about his nose.

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