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Eye Colour


Fur Colour

Brown and Cream


Unnamed doe (mother) Unnamed buck (father)


her boyfriend Rudolph, Slyly, Leonard, Blitzen, Mitzi, Santa Claus, Stormella Ridley, her ex-boyfriend Arrow, her teacher Mrs. Prancer, Stormella's Wolves


Stormella (formally), Ridley (formally), Arrow (formally), Stormella's Wolves (formally)

Voiced By

Vanessa Morley (fawn), Myriam Sirois (adolescent), Debbie Lytton (singing voice)

Zoey is the daughter of an unnamed doe and buck, Rudolph's primary love interest and later doefriend (reindeer name for girlfriend) and the deuteragonist in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie.

She is shown at the start of the film as a young fawn at school in Mrs. Prancer's class with Rudolph and his cousin Arrow. She is presented to be the smartest student and the only child who doesn't bully Rudolph. She is later seen on Christmas Eve with Arrow watching Santa leave for his annual trip on Christmas Eve and later meets up with Rudolph tells him that she wants to be his friend and that she doesn't care what others will think as she thinks Rudolph's nose is unique like him and they prepare to kiss under the mistletoe, but Arrow (who also has feelings for Zoey) appears. Zoey reassures him that she and Rudolph are just friends and tells Arrow not to get jealous which he denies being before making Zoey go with him instead which she does but smiles at Rudolph as she leaves causing him to realise that she does like him.

She is then shown as a adolescent preparing to take part in the Junior Reindeer Games with Rudolph and Arrow (whom she is now in a relationship with). She wishes Rudolph luck by giving him her pendant and despite finishing second to Rudolph, Arrow is made winner by default when Rudolph is disqualified for his red nose triggering off causing Arrow to crash.

After the race she confronts Arrow about cheating in the games but he replies that the point is he won and Santa is going to notice him but Zoey says that Rudolph deserves to be a Flyer because he has courage, character and a heart, but Arrow points out that Rudolph's got a red nose. Angry at Arrow's attitude, Zoey calls him shallow and says that she doesn't want to be his doefriend anymore and ends their relationship before going to Rudolph's home to see him but is told by his father Blitzen that he has ran away, so she sets out to find him and ends up crossing the off limits bridge of the ice queen Stormella and is imprisoned by her. Rudolph and his friend a polar bear named Leonard arrive to rescue her but are caught and imprisoned too. After Stormella leaves to create her storm to put Santa out of business, Zoey admits her love for Rudolph who returns them. Luckily Rudolph other friend a arctic fox named Slyly manages to steal their prison cells keys from Stormella and frees them but are confronted by her when they try to escape. When Stormella threatens to harm Zoey, Rudolph's nose lights up causing the ice queen to fall down the side of the cliff they are on but Rudolph aided by Zoey, Slyly and Leonard manage to save her and by Rudolph's request she becomes good.

Zoey is then seen along with Rudolph, Slyly and Leonard been taken back to their village by Boone and Doggle were she is reunited with her parents.

She is last seen kissing Rudolph on the cheek for good luck and watching him leave with Santa and the other Flyers. Though it is possible that she is the doe next to Arrow near the end of the film after Rudolph returns with Santa and the other Flyers.


Zoey has brown and cream fur and dark brown eyes.


  • She is based on Clarice from the 1964 film Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer as both don't pick on Rudolph and both serve as his love interest. Also she was going to be called Clarice but was changed to Zoey due to copyright reasons.
  • On the VHS and DVD covers of the film Zoey is shown with spots on her fur, but does not have any in the actual film.


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